Standing in front of the local tavern is a man wearing an elaborate fur trimmed red cloak. The man notices you approach and says, “Good day to you, I am Lorgan, the renowned bard of Damara and royal herald to throne of Bloodstone. I have many stories that will entertain you, personalities to enthrall you with, and even gossip that can raise the brow of Elminster! Perhaps you would be willing to buy me a drink? That is all that I ask.” You enter the tavern and walk to a private both just past the right side of the bar. Over the next hour the bard enjoys several pints of ale, all compliments of your own coin. Then after a very lengthy, but inspired conversation about the bar maid, he finally loosens his tongue and prepares to answer your questions. “Ah yes I did say that I was going to tell you a few things, did I not? Well, what would you like to know?”

Bloodstonelands Campaign