Bloodstonelands Campaign

Session 3 - 2nd Ride of Mirtul, 1459 DR Year of the Forged Sigil

After the party’s victory, Loki (who was absent for the centipede encounter) returned and explained that he was trapped inside of an extradimensional maze. He was convinced that he was the victim of a powerful spell cast on him shortly before the encounter with the centipedes. Not sure what to believe, the party continued on their way to the tower. Loki, then started to examine the book that Max had found. Upon reflection, Loki realized that the cover was still of use and that the book could be repaired. He also noticed that the telltale signs of magical energy flowing through the cover of the book were slowly fading away.

Finally after resting and regrouping the party continued their short trek to the tower. Halfway there they discovered a large gargoyle statue. The statue was apparently once attached to the tower. No markings of any kind could be found on the statue, but it was clearly burnt from the explosion. Beside the statue Max found a set of seven keys on a key ring.

Happy with their search of the area, the party entered the towers main floor (which was now open to the sky) and found a dark circular staircase leading down into the darkness. While the party debated entering the tower a few of them decided to search the main floor. Max’s keen eyes spotted a burned scrap of paper with a poem written on it.

Do I love you? Yes, I do.

I’d shed my evil ways for you.

I’d turn my heart from black to true, yes.

My heart, I’ve given unto you.

The party quickly mocked the writer of the poem and Loki speculated that the wizard Elzid was seduced by a succubus. The other companions joked that Elzid’s girlfriend (the dead girl) left him due to his poetry skills, preferring her chances with the giant centipedes outside.

Through furthere searching, Remiel uncovered a small ebony statue of a devil. Reflecting on their religious studies, Remiel and Torment realized that the statue was used by devil worshipers, mostly by those devoted to Asmodeus. With little regard for its value, Remiel smashed the statue to dust. A few of party members suggested that the cost come out of Remiel’s share of the treasure. Regardless, Remiel shrugged and was confident that the gods would be pleased with his actions.

The groups’ next action was to form into an acceptable formation and traverse the stairs. The party nominated Machera as their torch and cast a light spell on his helm. Confident in Max’s acute senses, the group had him lead the way searching for traps while hiding several feet in front of the party. When it was clear that max didn’t activate anything and didn’t find any traps, Machera made his way down the hallway. Unfortunately, the warden stepped on a pressure plate half way down the hallway. Clearly the warden weighed much more then max did and caused the trap on the floor to activate. With the party expecting their imminent demise, a large stone block began to slowly extend out from the west wall.

Fortunately, the party had enough time to run past the block before it sealed the hallway. The stone block, however, created an extremely loud grating sound that reverberated throughout the area for several seconds. Obviously, it alerted the entire dungeon to the groups’ arrival. With their novice entry into the dungeon complete, the party congratulated Machera and continued to the end of the hallway.

The hallway opened up into a 30’-square chamber covered in thick dust. Lying in the middle of the floor were two dead goblins, their spears still clutched in their hands. At the far end of the chamber, a statue of a horned bipedal creature stood in a shallow alcove. The statue pointed toward the party with one cruel finger and its stony visage displayed a menacing grin. The chamber had four doors, two of which hung open on their hinges.

The party entered the chamber to search for magic, examine the corpses, and investigate the statue. Chotuk discovered that the goblins died from the same poison stinger that the woman outside the tower died from. Remiel realized that the statue was that of a greater devil, perhaps a horned devil. Loki’s examination of the room revealed that magic was emanating from the statue. Further examination of the statue by Chotuk revealed a hair line crack around its neck.

At that time, maniacal laughter as loud as eight men screaming filled the chamber. A few of the party members covered their ears, but Torment proceeded to mock the laughter with his own brand maniacal laughter. Then in a huge burst of flame a large horned devil appeared in front of the statue.

From 30 feet away, Max realized that the creature was an illusion. Unconcerned, Max expressed more interest in the door to his right and didn’t warn the party that it was an illusion. Apparently, Max can spot an illusion from a great distance, but can’t notice a simple trap that even a lowly street urchin could find. In turn, the entire party with the exception of Machera realized that the creature was illusionary (Even the DM failed to disbelieve the high passive insight rolls). In an attempt to help the party notice the illusion, Chotuk moved to occupy the same space as the illusion. In spite of this effort, Machera refused to accept the truth of the illusionary creature. To him the horned devil was real and when the fiend smacked him with its huge chain he thought it had almost killed him. Thinking that the statue may be the source of the illusion, Remiel cast a powerful magic spell on the statue and caused its head to explode. The illusion, however, remained active.

At that time, a tiny devil appeared flying in the air behind Remiel. The devil attacked with his tail and Remiel groaned in pain when he felt the stinger pierce his jugular. If the pain wasn’t enough for him to endure, the poison that began to course through his body surely was. Clearly the tiny devil hated the deva with a passion and enjoyed injecting him with every drop of his poison. At that point, the imp called the party a bunch of fools and told them that the nine hells would soon arrive. (The gods were protecting Remiel as the DM didn’t apply max damage for that critical).

With the party no longer distracted by the illusion, as the imp (and DM) had hoped, they seized the opportunity to pay back the little imp with some of their own retribution. Max maneuvered behind the creature and attacked while effortlessly dodging a tail sting attack. Torment then pounced on the devil and with one swoop of his great blade the fiend was almost cut in half. By this time Machera, no longer affected by the illusion, moved in and slashed it with his longsword causing the creature to be slowed. Remiel then followed through with a spell of his own that caused further suffering to the imp. With the creature surrounded, the party thought there was no escape for the evil fiend.

After being surrounded, cut in half, and slowed, the tiny devil’s facial expression, which had previously been one of malicious superiority, was replaced with panic and fear. The imp attempted to retaliate by pointing his wand at each of the party members, but he quickly revoked that action as the plight of his predicament dawned on him. The panicked imp cowardly turned invisible and cast a magic spell on himself to hastily retreat from combat. Regardless of the parties’ effort to attack him from behind as he retreated, the magic enabled the imp to quickly shift past the south east door and slam it closed.

During the encounter with the imp, Loki investigated the headless statue and the source of the magic he detected. He reached his hand down the statue’s neck and pulled out a large iron key, a wooden scroll tube, and a potion vial. After taking a short rest and helping Remiel recover from his encounter with the imp, the party discovered that the scroll tube contained a Ritual scroll of Magic Circle and the vial contained a Potion of Spider Climb.. The large iron key, however, was non magical.



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