Bloodstonelands Campaign

Session 4 - 2nd Ride of Mirtul, 1459 DR Year of the Forged Sigil

After resting for a short while, the party decided to chase after the imp. When they exited the main chamber they entered a corridor that contained three more doors. With the party overcome with indecision, Torment’s patience began to run thin and he took the lead. Despite having Torment as the parties trap activator, Max continued to search for traps in front of the rest of the party. Wasting little time, Torment charged at the closest door attempting to break it down. Unfortunately, he hit the door the wrong way and slipped, almost slamming his face onto the cold stone floor. Refusing to believe that torment couldn’t break the door down; the party became concerned that door was barricaded. When Max arrived, however, he simply turned the door handle and it opened with ease. Needless to say, Torment was somewhat embarrassed when he stood back up on his feet and didn’t say much.

With the party back in formation, they walked passed the door into another short hallway with two more doors. One of the doors was made of stone and was trapezoidal in shape, becoming wider toward the floor. Carved into its face was a horned and leering gargoyle fresco with a large keyhole set into its gaping mouth. Loki detected the presence of magic emanating from both doors. Max approached the wooden door to search for traps, but was startled by the appearance of a large magical mouth that said, “Be gone! or by Zotzpox name you shall be cursed”. Loki then observed that the magic on the door quickly faded. No further traps were found on the door, but the door was locked. Max also discovered that the stone door had two magical traps. Max decided to leave that door alone and moved to the wooden door to pick its lock. The lock was easy to pick and the party nominated Machera to open the door.

Upon opening the door the party discovered what appeared to be an old library. The chamber was 20’ X 30’ and was destroyed by fire. The charred remains of tables and shelves littered the room, and burned books lay scattered on the floor. Ruthlessly etched on one wall were the words “ELZID WAS AN EVIL MAN” with the E’s scrawled backward. Searching the books Torment discovered a scorched book titled “The Making of a Good Tyrant” with a letter addressed to the wizard Mortimer stuffed inside it. The letter read as follows.

“I cannot believe that the infernal dukes would reward me so unfairly, especially after all my evil deeds. I ask for a legion of devils, and instead I get one measly…(letter burned here)… Would you be so kinds as to return the book you borrowed from me last winter? There are some particularly nasty spells inside, as you well know, that may be useful”.

It became rather apparent to everyone in the room that the books were deliberately set ablaze. Further searching revealed a button in the west wall that caused a secret door to open. The secret door revealed a long hallway that extended into darkness. The party traversed the hallway in formation and discovered a room full of webs at the opposite end. Torment and Machera took the lead and approached the edge of the webs. Immediately, two Giant spiders leaped out from the webs and attacked. Machera was caught off guard and was struck down, poisoned, and knocked prone. Torment was more fortunate as he managed to dodge the spiders attack. Responding quickly, Chotuk wasted no time to heal Machera. The party made short work of the spiders, but not before Loki set the webs on fire with a powerful magic spell.

After the flames died down, the party took a closer look at the room. The dusty, unlit room had collapsed in response to the explosion of Elzid’s tower, and heaps of fallen rocks and debris were found piled up on the floor. In one corner of the room, the party noticed a bunch of broken potion bottles with their liquid contents flowing into the cracks along the stone floor. The party deduced that the potion bottles were once caught in the webs, but must have fallen and shattered on the ground when Loki set the web on fire. After that blast Loki, forced himself to remain proud of the fire spell he had previously cast. During an extensive search of the area, Remiel discovered a secret door in the north east corner of the chamber, but the rubble prevented it from being opened. On that note the party took a short rest and discussed their plans.

While resting, the party discovered that the flaps on Loki’s and Max’s backpacks were open. Some suspected that tiny spiders had entered the packs, but Loki became outraged suspecting that their conniving little friend may have pick pocketed something from them. Sure enough Max’s pack was missing the Large Iron key the party discovered in the statue. At that time, the party decided to chase after the imp. They became very worried that the imp may be trying to open the stone door that they found in the second hallway.

In hot pursuit of the imp they arrived at the hallway with the stone door. After examination they realized that the door wasn’t opened and the key hole didn’t show signs of recent use. The party then decided to proceed to the first hallway they entered and examine the other doors for recent signs of entry. They found that one of the doors had been opened recently. The rogue searched for traps and upon finding none proceeded to expertly pick the lock. With little effort the lock was picked. Thereafter, everyone gathered behind Machera as he opened the door.

Beyond the door was an unlit 20’ X 30’ chamber. A dirt stained rug covered the floor and at the far end of the room was a splintered desk. A beautiful woman dressed in white sat behind a desk, her expression was pale and emotionless. Near her stood a pair of huge bugbear skeletons, each 7’ tall and wielding fearsome battle axes.

While Remiel stepped into the room to communicate with the lady, Chotuk, Machera, and Torment all entered the room and took defensive positions. Immediately, the two skeletons raised their battle axes and charged the party. The first skeleton to act ran at Chotuk and sliced into his side with a large battle axe. Machera moved into the center of the room and attempted to pull the skeleton away from Chotuk, but the creature didn’t budge. The second skeleton charged at Torment and wedged its battle axe into his shoulder. In retaliation, Remiel blasted the skeletons several feet back into the room with divine energy. At that point, the skeletons could barely continue standing. Just before the party dispatched the skeletons, the imp appeared behind the party and pointed his wand at max. The Halfling was struck with an enfeebling ray that greatly weakened him. At that point, the cowardly imp took off down the hallway and cursed the party telling them that they would all suffer the flames of hell soon enough.

In response, Max decided to pursue the imp. Listening he heard the sound of flapping wings just beyond the door that opened into the main entrance chamber. Quickly, he moved up to open the door and could see the imp flying above him. Max ran under the imp and thankfully due to his small size managed to dodge a tail sting attack. The entire party chased after the imp. Chotuk and Loki moved into position and assisted by tossing ranged spells at the imp through the door. Unfortunately, much like the first time they encountered the imp, it turned invisible and cast a magic spell to retreat away from the party. Not sure were the imp went the party proceeded to close all the doors shut. In no time at all each of the 4 doors in the main chamber were closed and guarded.

In the mean time, Remiel remained behind to assist the lady in anyway he could. Noticing that the lady was unresponsive, Remiel decided to place a hand on her to see if she was ok. At that moment, the woman woke from her trance. At first she was confused and didn’t know where she was, but Remiel’s efforts to calm the lady down apparently succeeded. As the conversation evolved it became clear that this woman was Erilyn Windfellow, the lady for whom a reward was posted by the Knights of the Golden Cup. Oddly, the woman was convinced that Elzid was a kind and loving man. She also refuses to believe that anything could have happened to him.



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