Bloodstonelands Campaign

Session 7 - 2nd Ride of Mirtul, 1459 DR Year of the Forged Sigil

The battle continued with Remiel calling forth a sun strike on the Animated Human Painting, which collapsed the construct into a burning pile of ash. Loki raised his orb high in the air and followed with a chilling cloud spell targeting the paintings. The drow painting was fortunate enough to dodge out of the way, but the dwarf’s beard became covered in icicles. The halfling Chotuk called upon his faith to strike at the dwarf painting with a magical lance, but the dwarf painting simply smacked it away with its morning star. Then, noticing an opening in the dwarf painting’s defenses; Sharke raised his new found magical broadsword over his head and followed through by slashing hard into the drow painting’s shoulder. The blow was so devastating it almost split the painting in two. Still staggering, the drow construct’s next attack on Torment was easily deflected by the two handed battle axe that Torment procured from the bugbear skeletons. Despite being frozen by Loki, the dwarf smashed his morning star into the Eladrin’s knee cap almost crippling him. If it was a real dwarf it surely would have taunted the Eladrin. At this time, the paintings moved into position to guard each other.

“Kill it Max!” shouted Chotuk from the back ranks of the party. “I’m trying, but it won’t hold still” said Max as his distance dagger was dodged by the drow painting. It was then that Artemis channeled powerful magic through his sword, but unfortunately his sword swing failed penetrate the dwarf painting’s double morning star defenses. Those defenses also parried a sword swing by Sharke that came across horizontal towards its neck. That swing created an opening in Sharke’s defenses as the drow painting thrust its rapier deep into Sharke’s shoulder. Torment tried to lop off the dwarf painting’s feet when he poked high and spun around low at the dwarf’s legs, but the dwarf simply slammed his morning star down and knocked the axe away with little effort. Noticing another opportunity, the drow construct trust its rapier at torment just missing his head.

Pleased with his previous strike on the human painting, Remiel called forth another sun strike on the dwarf construct. This time, however, it went a little too high and shot over the dwarfs head. Loki, wanting to show Remiel how it was done, called upon his arcane powers and pushed a scorching burst of flame over the paintings causing them to ignite into flames. With little other option, Chotuk blasted the dwarf with another radiant lance that pierced the dwarf’s chest. This attack allowed Chotuk to imbue Torment with more energy to attack. The drow painting attempted to slash Sharke across his neck, but Sharke simply raised his shield and blocked the weapon. Max tried to engage the drow painting from a flanking position, but when he missed with his dagger he quickly shifted away from the melee. Concentrating again, Artemis channeled energy through his long sword and struck the dwarf construct under its right arm. The spell’s energy surged through the sword and jolted the dwarf with arcane power.

For a third time, Remiel shot a sun strike at the dwarf construct, but it barely missed the creatures head yet again. Chotuk thinking the same way, summoned another lance at the dwarf painting, but unlike Remiel, he hit for the second time and blasted a chunk out the dwarf painting’s side. With everyone ganging up on the dwarf painting it was clear that its demised was imminent. Sharke took no chances and finished the dwarf off by slashing the dwarf from low to high. When Sharke ended his strike with his arms raised, the drow painting seized the opportunity and viciously stabbed Sharke in his exposed chest causing blood to poor out over the broken painting of the dwarf.

At this time the drow painting remained the last construct standing and was flanked by the party. Even with the advantage in combat Torment took two wild swings at the drow painting and missed. It seemed (at least for Torment) that this drow painting still had some fight left in it. Sure enough, the drow construct continued to push his rapier into Sharke’s chest causing more blood to spill over the broken dwarf construct. Max, undistracted by the handy work of the drow painting, threw his dagger into the drow construct’s back causing it to collapse on top of the blood soaked dwarf construct.

After a short rest the party licked their wounds and realized that they were completely exhausted. It was then that the party opened three of the spheres and found: Elzid’s Journal, Potion of Resistance (Poison), Ritual Scroll of Arcane Mark, Ritual Scroll of Silence, Scroll (with the words, “thisus” and “thossum” written on it), Treasure Map, and 400 copper coins.

Then just as Artemis was trying to open one of the spheres, a large metal snake leaped out of the sphere and bit the sword mage on his neck. Artemis eyes opened wide as he felt the snake injecting poison into his veins. This completely surprised the party as everyone was clearly more interested in the treasure then in taking precautions (like searching for traps). After they heard the screams of Artemis, a deadly melee ensued. Then, Loki and Artemis realized that this was another construct called an Iron Cobra and that it was extremely dangerous. Before anyone could act the snake coiled its head back and bit deep into Artemis’s wrist.

Previously while resting; the party speculated that there could be a command word for the constructs they fought earlier. Using that suggestion, Remiel realized that there could be a command word for the Iron Cobra as well. In a mad rush the party tried to recall all possible command words that they previously discovered throughout the dungeon. In a painful cry, Artemis frantically called out “Thisus”, but the metal snake continued to bite hard into his wrist. Failing that, Artemis caused his long sword to freeze over. He then blasted the snake with cold energy immobilizing it in a thick layer of ice. It was then that he felt the poison from the snake burning his veins from the inside. Then torment said, “Kizzimic”, but nothing happened. Torment tried to crush the snake with his axe and blast the snake with radiant energy, but he only managed to slam his axe into the floor. Sharke tried to crush the snake under his shield, but he also failed to damage it. When Loki saw an opening he summoned a phantom bolt at the snake only to have it hit the wall. Loki was just thankful that the snake was immobilized. He then taunted fate (and the DM) by merging a few of the command words on the wall together by saying “Me-Ta-Garlock”. Of course, nothing happened. Then Artemis said both words “Thisus and Thossum” and the snake stopped moving. At the same time Sharke said “Tarlock” and the middle door they had opened previously appeared again.

Relived that they survived the deadly encounter with the Iron Cobra, the party proceeded to experiment with the doors to the treasure vault. They discovered that when a command word was spoken the corresponding door would appear with the appropriate key in the lock. The doors could also be opened from the inside by touching them, which would cause them to disappear.

The party opened the last two spheres and found the following: A folded note, Large Metal Tome (Artifact), a note with a list on it, Elixir of Aptitude, Fire Beetle Potion, and 3 Potions of Healing.

After gathering all the treasure the party moved to the small secret room and took an extended rest. During their rest the party examined the treasure they found. It was at that time that they noticed that the 400 copper coins they found were actually 400 gold. Loki speculated that there must have been an illusion masking the coins.



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